Success stories of Indian youth

We cannot know everything and not knowing is not stupid. Not knowing is better than knowing the wrong thing because wrong thing can make wrong beliefs, wrong perceptions which is not good for our personal growth and mindset.


So, be aware of the kind of information you are allowing into your mind. Look for the source of the information, asking questions, read books on the subject matter and hear different perspectives of people to have a clear understanding of the truth.We need to have an open mind to be able to see different aspects of a certain situation, so that we could make informed decisions in life.Our thoughts and beliefs shouldn’t be based on someone’s biased opinions, otherwise we will make wrong choices in life.Be mindful of the source of information you are listening to. Do not believe anything and anyone blindly. Use your own intelligence and ask for the reason behind their opinions and beliefs, go deeper into the details to make informed decisions in life.

motivational story
motivational story

Living in the present moment and not overwhelming ourselves with the unresolved issues of our past, is a crucial factor to generate happiness in life.When we let go of the past, move on in life and cherish our life in the moment, we will remain calm, at peace and happy.So, try not to live in your past because nothing remains forever in life, be it happiness or sadness. Life goes on, time goes on, it never stops for anyone.This shall too pass’, hang in there because you are capable of handling and overcoming anything in life.

It is difficult to say no because we fear hurting people’s feelings, and end up hurting ourselves physically and mentally, just to please and make other people’s happy.If we really want to keep our relationship together we need to be ready to say and hear ‘no’, because things done willingly can only exhibit true happiness.Loyalty lends to leading friends to safe spacesThere are no guaranties in life that things will be picture perfect.There will be pain and heartache along with disappointment and despair.You will run into evil people whom do horrible things and regret not a single one.You will endure storms and floods and fire filled chaos, ice cold oceans that care not for your existence.There are thousands of ways to die and even more ways to be broken.So what do you do?

You recognize that for every unfair and evil thing that happens there exist salvation in its opposition.Be the light, shine bright when things are dark.And perhaps the most important thing to remember, you don’t ever have to do it alone.Perception is the way something is understood or interpreted. It is the way we see, hear or become aware of something through our senses.

Our perception builds our attitude and our attitude towards something determines our beliefs and mindset. It also determines the way we think and feel about something.Nothing in this world holds a meaning of it’s own except the meaning we attach to every aspect of life.So, by controlling our perceptions we can control the quality of our thoughts that we are allowing into our minds and thus, we can control our emotions and actions accordingly.

Beliefs and values are once formed are difficult to change, it can be altered with constant effort and resiliency with time, but changing ourselves totally will be a life long journey.

When we let our children, ‘to just be’, acknowledge their existence as ‘who they are’, and do not impose our vulnerabilities, beliefs and values, unrealistic expectations and our unfulfilled desires on them, then they will grow into the truest and best version of themselves.

When children know who exactly they are, they can manage their thoughts and emotions better than a child who grew up pleasing their parents and trying to fulfil their unmet needs by seeking constant validation and permission from their parents

Set your children free from your imposed expectations from them and see them blossoming into a beautiful flower on their own.

Let them explore their own beliefs, learn from them and you be a friend, a partner, a facilitator, who are there whenever they need us.

It is important for a child to know ‘who they are’, ‘what they like and don’t like,’ ‘why they feel in a certain manner and explore themselves everyday to constantly evolve.

When we see our children for ‘who they are’ and let them to express the most authentic truest and most authentic version of themselves, then they grow up into the best version of themselves.

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